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Javier Bautista

Director, People Ops

Javier was raised in an ancient and legendary city that some believe to be birthplace of everything we currently regard as hip and tasteful. Of course, we speak of none other than the fabled lands of Brooklyn. (The one in NY) Javier abandoned his sacred home to attend Yale University, where he dabbled in spoken word, student films, creative writing, sports announcing, and fraternity life. Oh, and when he wasn't doing all those other things, he was a political science major. (The minor footnote to most college experiences: the education portion.) The great unifier among Javier's experiences was his love of people and deciphering (read: judging) their strengths and weaknesses. He has joined Bisnow to continue his examination (again, read: judging) of potential candidates and how they might one day become apart of the Bisnow team. Considering Javier's significant level of Brooklynite-smugness, we hope he will keep his discussion of the musical zeitgeist to a minimum. (But no promises.)

Naz Bayazit

Business Manager, Los Angeles/Orange County

Originally from Turkey, and a former resident of New York City, Naz landed Los Angeles a few years back in pursuit of the SoCal lifestyle, which includes her love of outdoor adventure and the sun, regardless of the temperature. (What about walking on hot coals? That combines all of those things.) She's an experienced B2B sales, business development, relationship management and strategic marketing professional joining Bisnow from the Los Angeles Business Journal. Things she is not: a surfer, a golfer, or a tennis player.... yet. (Our advice: skip golf unless you like yelling at loved ones and throwing things at trees.)

Ryan Begelman

Vice Chairman

Ditching car service and an expense account, Ryan traded in his post in acquisitions at The Carlyle Group back in 2009 to spend late nights at Bisnow HQ perfecting his table tennis. From Maryland by way of Chicago where he attended Northwestern and cut his teeth as an i-banker at Deutsche Bank, Ryan sits on Bisnow’s board advising on strategy, finances, and placement of chin-up bars. Ryan also co-founded Summit, an idea festival, in 2008, which Forbes has called “The Davos of Generation Y.” In 2013, Summit acquired Powder Mountain Ski Resort in Eden, Utah. Summit is building a small community on the backside of the mountain that would be the permanent home of Summit and would preserve the character and history of the mountain. Ryan also helps lead Summit's Action Fund, which invests in startups, including Warby Parker and Uber.

Lindsey Benfield

Events Coordinator & Account Manager

Lindsey's dreams of living in the Big Apple started at a young age when her love for dogs inspired her to become a dog walker. Unfortunately, only half of that dream became a reality. Standing at a whopping 5'2", Lindsey takes on the north by storm as our new event coordinator. Her college experience kept her in her original stomping grounds in good ole North Carolina at Elon University but soon led her to her final destination of New York City. But before that, Lindsey was one of 700 students to make her mark in 16 countries throughout the Atlantic Ocean with Semester at Sea. After graduation, Lindsey was ready to leave again. Leaving behind her beloved Chick-fil-a, she found a new love for NY bagels and stupidly overpriced sushi in Manhattan. There, she was able to put that strategic communications major and passion for event planning to use with the Bisnow best.

Brandon Best

Senior Web Developer

After graduating from “the resort,” aka Point Loma in San Diego with a degree in biochemistry, Brandon ignored his degree and taught himself web development. (There must be a biochemical reason that he did that, but he’s not interested in figuring it out.) Five years later, the switch paid off for us when we brought him on board to make sure that we’re at the cutting edge of the web. (Not the weird cutting edge stuff either.) During his free time, he fully embraces a Southwestern outdoor lifestyle of guns, backpacking, beach volleyball and skiing. (All at the same time, it’s a sight to behold.)

Natascha Bhuiyan

Events Producer

From the land of soccer and beer, Natascha moved from Germany to the States right after graduating high school. Initially planning to stay just for a year, she fell in love with the Big Apple and decided to continue her studies at Columbia University, where she majored in International Relations, Political Science with the goal to make the world a better place (and that’s still on her agenda). Besides producing A’s at Columbia, Natascha spent most of her time working for tech-start ups, traveling, trying out the best places to eat (she is a foodie at heart) while figuring out how to become a millionaire. Debating whether or not to go back to Europe to attend grad-school, Bisnow presented a less boring alternative.

Mark Bisnow

First Banana

Mark came to DC from LA decades ago in a successful quest to lose his hipness. He worked on the Hill for D’s and R’s and in at least three presidential campaigns he can remember. He was a lawyer at Latham & Watkins and general counsel at two public companies, but he still doesn’t know how to write a will. He was chief of staff at MicroStrategy and head of marketing for webMethods, made him fabulously rich, on paper, briefly. As hobbies, he did countless “Bisnow on Business” segments for WTOP and hosted a FOX morning drive radio show so bad he was replaced by the Greaseman. In 2004, he started the Bisnow emails, his attempt to look young without having to buy a sports car, though he ended up buying one anyway. Pretending to be a rich person without enough to do, he’s chaired big fundraising dinners, served on many civic boards, and written two political books that were “critically acclaimed” (which means they didn’t sell). He was a consulting producer for the very strange “McLaughlin Group” and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, where his role was to reduce the average age by 60 years. He’s a product of Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard Law, all schools that have since become accredited. He has a wife, two children, and a dog -- who love him but think he’s nuts.

Miles Bloom

Director, NY Tri-State & Creative Director, Bisnow Creative

Meet Miles Bloom (No relation to Orlando, or Leopold for you literati). Miles comes to Bisnow by way of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office, by way of internships for Hillary Clinton and House Committee on Energy and Commerce, by way of Cornell University, by way of one of America’s many ‘Queen Cities,’ Buffalo, NY. We brought Miles on to coordinate events production because of the stellar work he did as social chair at his fraternity (that’s right, we have operatives everywhere). This lifelong baseball player and former golf instructor is an avid fan of Buffalo sports (which, at this point, can only be described as punishment on a cosmic scale). Miles Bloom: the man, the myth, the business manager.

Jenna Bruce

Business Manager, Denver & Phoenix

Jenna Bruce hails from a small town in Colorado, where the beer flows like wine and the women flock instinctively like the salmon of Capistrano…a little place called Aspen. Skiing from the ripe young age of 2 years old, Jenna has always been a lover of the outdoors and mostly all sports-related activities. When indoors, Jenna enjoys reading, drinking wine and a rowdy battle of Cards Against Humanity (and sometimes watching WWE Divas). Jenna graduated from the University of Colorado (CU—not to be confused with U of C Boulder), majoring in Journalism, and though she loved writing, she decided to pursue other opportunities. She followed her sister to Chicago and there began her career in real estate. She soon fell in love with the sales role and the fact that golf is an acceptable form of business meetings. She’s excited to be joining Bisnow and to be making the move back to CO and her roots. This time, however, she won’t be making the move alone, as she was recently married in Tulum, MX and her wonderful and supportive husband Jake Meilach (also in CRE) will be joining in for the adventure.

JC Calcerano

Deputy Chief Humorist

JC was born in a crossfire hurricane. After that, he decided to have his parents raise him in suburban NJ, where he attended the Lawrenceville School. JC then made his way to Georgetown and graduated with majors in theater and history. He has been nominated for the Nobel Prize (prove he wasn’t, nominations are secret). He attempts, often unsuccessfully, to be funny, and his mom thinks he’s really great. As the Deputy Chief Humorist, JC hopes to make Bisnow readers appreciate the inherent comedy in Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. And he thinks you’re just swell.

Daniela Castellon

Business Manager, Atlanta & Nashville

From Chile to Minnesota to the feet of the Himalayas, Daniela has had her share of extreme and diverse experiences. She’s eaten everything from mangoes straight from the tree to lutefisk straight from the barrel (look it up and try not to gag). She’s gone sledding on sand dunes and has practiced yoga with a mountain hermit who was taking a vow of silence (you’ll have to ask her how that worked). And, for some reason, she’s decided to hole up in the urban jungle of NYC and experience the heat of Hotlanta. With a sales career at a Fortune 100 company and a degree from St. Catherine’s University, we knew Daniela would be a strong addition to our sales team, but perhaps more importantly, she would (almost) never bore clients. You know... as long as she doesn’t take a vow of silence as well.

Gary Chance

Director, New Media Products

Gary was born on the mean streets: NYC. He attended Wesleyan University. While at Wesleyan, Gary founded, a website that tracks the eating habits of Florida Marlins utility player Wes Helms… nah, it organizes local eateries, businesses, and school events. He also designed lobby computer infrastructure and managed IT systems for Manhattan Skyline. He graduated from Wesleyan with a degree in IR and a new pair of shoes. Bisnow scooped Gary up like thieves in the night from OE-Global, an international sales and purchasing company that he helped co-found. Gary bleeds Green and White for the mighty NY Jets. His true passion in life is watching many hours of Die Hard. Yippie-ki-ay…

Liana Cornacchio

Audience Development Manager & Events Producer

Born and raised in Westchester, New York (where Don Draper neglects his wife and all the crimes are solved by Nero Wolfe), Liana grew up as the 'crazy middle child' with two sisters. She played soccer her whole life and ended up playing at Princeton University (which would indicate to us that she knows a thing or two about Hoagie Haven). Pursuing a B.A. in Philosophy, she did a lot of thinking about the universe, and after four years, concluded that it is very large and confusing. (Why are we here? Or, better yet, why are we not not here...right? Anybody?) Happy to be out of the suburbs and into the dog eat dog world that is NYC, Liana is an avid NY sports fan -- she'd never leave leave before the 9th inning of a Yankee game or before the Knicks got the win (which means she sometimes has to sit at Madison Square Garden for weeks at a time). She joins us at Bisnow doubling as an audience development manager and an event producer.

Devin Crone

Senior Accountant

Before becoming Bisnow's Senior Accountant, Devin Crone was crunching numbers at Watkins Meegan and Quadrangle Development. But don't think she's just a number's girl. A University of Delaware grad, Devin hails from Rockville, MD, where she attended Magruder High School and developed a love for the Redskins. When she's not rocking the accounting world, Devin can be found experimenting in the kitchen or working up a sweat with a sweet Crossfit workout (she's not one of those Crossfit girls, we promise.) Or you'll find her in the great outdoors, hiking, skiing, swimming or harvesting bear pelts for the coming winter. (OK, maybe not that last one.) And if you want to get her a Christmas present, Devin loves wine, coffee, Game of Thrones, the Food Network and her miniature daschund named Cuddy. So if you know a dog coat that can hold a wine bottle, a coffee maker and has a Lannister emblem on it, let us know!

Francesco Decamilli

Director, Sales & Events

Francesco hails from a seacoast suburb of New Haven. In choosing Yale University, where he eventually received a B.A. in economics, Francesco made the decision to attend college close to home (in fact, his high school was a mile further). He boasts of doing his own laundry fewer than ten times during his 4-year stint at Yale. (His shirts still resent him.) Francesco enjoys soccer, fishing, biking, and all things Italian. Francesco studied abroad in Milan, where he has many relatives and where he made a bold and nearly successful attempt to finally become fluent in Italian. Francesco fell in love with NYC while interning for a tech startup, TxVia, Inc., in the city two summers ago (the company has since been acquired by Google, an acquisition Francesco is happy to take all the credit for). Exposed to the limelight, Francesco is excited to set sail from the coast of New Haven and set foot into Bisnow’s midtown office, his first new home in over 22 years. (We won’t do his laundry, that’s a guarantee.) 

Susan Diesenhouse

Reporter, Boston

Susan is what the kids would call legit. Both the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune have featured her writing. Now, we get to benefit. With a four-year Windy City stint now over, she's happily back in Boston. Her response when Bisnow came knocking? "Sure, sounds like fun." (It is.) Before becoming a journalist, she spent nearly three years traveling through Latin America. These days, she finds adventure in the ballet studio. Susan grew up in NYC and graduated from Tufts with a Master’s Degree in Political Science.

Catie Dixon

Central US Editor

Catie dares you to sum her up any one way except perhaps eclectic. As a military brat, she was not born or raised anywhere. She started her Psychology degree in Okinawa, Japan, with plans to become a social worker, and finished it at Rice University with a job as a bartender and aspirations of becoming an editor. But now she's lived in Texas longer than most other places combined, so she considers herself a native. Catie's got a loving husband, sassy stepdaughter, three dogs (all lab mixes--that's a lot of chewing), and is partial owner of a BBQ joint outside of Austin. Stop on by, y'all, and bring your breaking news with you.

Ezra Doueck

Business Manager, New York City

Ezra is a New Yorker. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he can be found J-walking, eating dollar pizza, rolling his eyes at tourists and hopelessly rooting for the Knicks; y’know, typical New Yorker things. Ezra attended Baruch College in Manhattan, receiving his BBA in Marketing and Journalism. He comes to Bisnow after working in a range from four-person tech startups to global media powerhouses. When he’s not in the thrill of the sale, Ezra enjoys honing his Ping-Pong game, rocking amateur cooking competitions, and yelling at the TV screen for Carmelo to pass the ball.

Martin Drake

New York Web Producer

Martin was born in Delaware, raised in Delaware, went to the University of Delaware and spent his year after graduation teaching English in Spain. (He clearly got tired of all the…wait, what’s in Delaware anyway?) When he finished teaching he slept on strangers couches around Europe for a couple months with his girlfriend—his idea of a luxury romantic getaway—before coming home to head to law school. Now he finds himself at Bisnow, where he somehow convinced people that an International Relations degree means he knows something about real estate. His resume also says he knows Arabic, but he’s mostly banking on no one being able to test him on it.

Cameron Dwight

Account Manager

Originally from Laguna Beach, CA, Cameron moved to Malibu to attend Pepperdine University, where she received her B.S. in Business Administration. Born and raised in a beach city, it's hard to believe she can count on her fingers and toes the number of times shes been in the ocean. (She suffers from thalassophobia - fear of underwater animals.) Cameron is 1/4 African American and 1/2 Jewish and considers herself "Blewish." After a brief stint in Chicago following college, she returned to LA (probably hoping to forget what snow looks like) and has worked as both an account manager and project manager. Although she comes from a family background in multi-tenant real estate, she only developed an interest in commercial real estate after meeting her husband, a commercial tenant rep broker. (Commercial real estate: bringing families together for centuries.) She has a daughter, Parker, born in 2015, and two French bulldogs named Moo and Stuart. (A French Stuart? Get it?... Doesn't anybody remember 3rd Rock from the Sun?)

Marie Finnegan

Senior Account Manager

After earning her English degree from Scranton and spending most of her life in Pennsylvania, Marie decided to move to DC for a change of pace. Well, seeing pace for the first time in her life might be the more accurate verb. (English major, remember.) She started her career at a small PR company in Fairfax, improving the images of various beauty products and services. Her goal is to support her awesome sales team in its mission to make it rain. (That's an idiom, more proof that Marie is using her degree.)

Tyler Fisher

Director, Boston

Noting a regrettable lack of abnormally tall gingers, we knew Tyler would be a good fit from the moment he walked in the door. Atop Tyler's extensive resume you will find the marks from his report cards in grades K-12 that read "too talkative." (Which means he must be somehow related to director of people ops, Will Friend.)  Tyler prides himself on his ability to talk a dog off a meat truck or the paint off the wall. (Give him a call if you have any pesky wallpaper that won’t come down.) He also prides himself on his ability to use worn out clichés.  Never one to be scared of picking up the phone or working through the night (he has a passionate hate for sleep), Tyler grinds night and day as one of the newest event producers, looking to grow Bisnow to the next logical step - world domination. (In a metaphorical sense… no need to dive into your emergency bunkers.)

Sibley Fleming


Sibley comes to Bisnow directly from National Real Estate Investor, where she was managing editor. It was there that she fell in love with yield curves, capital stacks, and freaky economic numbers. That’s a long way from where she began as a freelance weekly columnist and feature writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In some Atlanta circles, she’s known as a book author. In fact, some people liked her writing so much that they gave her awards "like the National League of American Pen Women and the Georgia Author of the Year. To other people, she’ll always be known as the “granddaughter” of late AJC reporter, columnist, and author Celestine Sibley. (She’s made peace with the whole living-in-the-shadow thing.) Her children are pretty much grown. The oldest, Vincent, is a PA student in Naples, Fla. and newly married. The youngest, Wolfie (yes, like Mozart) is her “music-philosophy child” and a student at GSU.

Joseph Franco

Escape Curator and Event Producer

Hailing from the lands of the ancient Incan empire, Joseph’s roots are deeply connected to his native Peru. Born in Manhattan and growing up in the northern most city of South America - Miami - Joseph had no choice but to be bilingual. Upon graduating from Hillel in North Miami Beach he embarked upon a mission to satiate his entrepreneurial inclinations by earning his Bachelor of Science at Babson College, majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship. While he’s away from the Bisnow headquarters you’ll likely find him on the field throwing around a leather and lace, in the gym pumping iron or in the kitchen cooking up some ceviche. Get the man some “papa a la huancaina” and a “lomo saltado” and he’s a happy camper.

Will Friend


At 15, Will decided to leave school at Harrow and his family in London for St. Albans in Washington, DC. After graduating from SMU's business school in 2010, he joined Bisnow, a fledgling DC startup. He’s been a key part of the firm’s meteoric rise, adding 50 employees and moving the company to NYC while building it to become one of the Inc. 5000's fastest growing companies. Will quickly rose through the ranks, playing many roles including COO and eventually being named CEO in December 2014. Today, Will leads the firm’s strategic direction and oversees day-to-day operations.

Alex Funaro

Director, Technology

The Internet is a scary place. One minute you’re enjoying an article about commercial real estate and the next thing you know, you’re knee-deep in photos of somebody’s cat. We needed a special person to navigate us through those dangerous, swampy Internet waters. That’s where Alex Funaro comes in. Sure we call him a web developer, but he’s really more of a cyber-adventurer. Alex comes to us from Lehigh University by way of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. Whenever we have problems with our website or figuring out how to plug something in, Alex rides in like a conquering hero on his scooter and usually just reminds us that we need some common sense. Don’t think the Internet is his only outlet for adrenaline though, Alex also navigates the equally treacherous landscapes of stock market investment and traveling in Europe. (If you don’t think the latter is terrifying, remember this: they put mayonnaise on French fries!) Alex makes much of our business possible and also allows us to watch videos of baby ducks at work, which means he may be the most important person in the company.

Elliot Golan

Managing Editor

An L.A. native, Elliot grew up near the glitz and glamour, yet somehow didn’t get the memo. Calm and casual, you’ll find him in the weight room hours before the sun comes up. (Seriously, dude gets up before 4 am... did you even know there was a "before 4 am.") Instead of writing for his college paper at Humboldt State, Elliot thought it better to get paid for his skills, spending more than a year writing for the local daily and hosting nationally syndicated shows for the NPR affiliate. (He cannot get you Diane Rehm's autograph, so don't ask.) Elliot’s degree in journalism landed him back in L.A. and without any cash, but fully employed as a real estate reporter for the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, where he garnered awards from the Alliance of Area Business Publishers and the L.A. Press Club. He joins Bisnow editing the West Coast, where he’s finishing up his MBA and not working on his tan at all (he’s half Egyptian, it’s just not fair). When he isn’t squatting and dead lifting more than twice his bodyweight, Elliot is kibitzing with brokers, occasionally talking about real estate numbers and actually understanding them. (He even knows some Yiddish.)

Andrew Goodman

Escape Curator

They call it the concrete jungle, the mean streets, a city that will eat you like a palette cleanser between brunch courses. This is the place where our very own Andrew Goodman operates. Goody is our Events Director (i.e. the guy that oversees all those raucous business breakfasts you attend). The native New Yorker and GW alum broke free from the stifling corporate world and joined Bisnow only to shoot like a rocket up the ranks to lead our illustrious event team. He wants you to love local business. He wants you to schmooze. He wants you to eat bagels. He wants all that for you and he is willing to accept the pressure that comes with that. And that’s why he’s in NYC, because he loves the limelight. Soon you’ll know the saying: Bright Lights, Big Goody.

Gena Gordon


Throughout its storied history Long Island (the "strongest" island based on self-reporting statistics) has produced some truly legendary things: Walt Whitman, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Blue Oyster Cult. We were able to find someone who combines Whitman's intelligence, Jackie's grace, and BOC's raw power, our controller Gena Gordon. Gena grew up in Great Neck on the Island (like most Long Island girls, wanting to be exactly like Debbie Gibson). She graduated with Finance and Accounting majors from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. But what Great Neck girl isn't seduced by the siren song of the Broadway lights? Gena moved to NYC where she worked for E&Y and Morgan Stanley where she managed a book of (if there are kids nearby, cover their ears) hedge funds. (Back then hedge fund wasn't a four-letter word.) And that's when the real fairy tale begins: While thinking of banishing herself to Europe, she met the man of her dreams, and moved down to the sleepy little village of her dreams, Washington, DC, holding positions at both the Hovde Companies and The Carlyle Group. Then she joined the company of her dreams, Bisnow. (She has weird dreams.) We just hope we can make this Strong Island girl feel at home, so we often blast Piano Man in her ear.

Max Hamilton

Business Development, New York

Max Hamilton's career peaked at the young age of 16, when he worked as a stagehand for a magical act called "The Magic of Jim Pasé," which featured a wheelchair-bound magician who performed levitation tricks. Sworn to secrecy on the tricks of the magician, Max went on to Washington University in St. Louis, where he graduated as a double major in Political Science and Latin American Studies.  After two years working as a high school social studies teacher in the bayou of Louisiana through Teach for America, Max's path brought him to Bisnow, where he produces events for the San Francisco and Houston markets. In his free time,Max enjoys racquetball, melting cheese in the microwave, and watching the original version of "Red Dawn."

Jonathan Hobfoll

Director, Midwest, Canada

After passing the Illinois bar exam, in addition to the Series 7 and Series 66 Financial Regulatory exams, Jonathan came to the conclusion that he was very proficient at filling in circles with a pencil. Years of learnin’ at University of Delaware in areas like “international marketing” and “business management” transformed this small town rube into a sophisticated city mouse. At school, he embodied the superlative "handsomest student" (he has a very supportive mother) and was emboldened to move to New York to attend Brooklyn Law. Armed with this pedigree, Jonathan followed his dreams and moved to the Virgin Islands and did his best Brian Flanagan Cocktail impression. Upon return to Chicago, he began sneaking into our events under the alias 'Bolt Speedman.' We have since caught on, so we gave him a nameplate and desk in hopes that he can fill in circles with a pencil for us.

Ashley Holmes

Events Coordinator

Did you know that people from Park City call themselves Parkites? (You did? Well you just know everything don’t you.) After graduating from the University of Utah with an International Studies and Political Science Degree, Ashley realized that her passion for Hospitality trumped all other careers. Already working for the best (seriously you can’t beat Five-Star, Five-Diamond) she transferred from Deer Valley to Montage Beverly Hills as their Event Concierge. Once there, she worked with some kooks from Bisnow and the rest is history! (It’s being added to the national curriculum for fourth grade history classes starting in 2017.) Ashley spends her free time Crossfitting, playing the trombone and eating as much food as she can.

Mike Jax

Business Manager, Houston

Although “Jax” once played the piano, cornet, and guitar, he abandoned them at an early age for a lucrative hobby as a disc jockey, playing music at high school dances all over Houston. After his mom told him that he shouldn’t “party for a living,” he switched to outside sales, selling stuffed animals to gift shops, and then CD’s to music stores. Ultimately, he discovered selling ads in commercial real estate, which led to a successful career as Publisher of Black’s Office & Industrial Guide for over ten years. After a stint with CoStar, he stumbled into a Bisnow event, drank the Kool-Aid, and joined the next day. (Reports that his mom is even more disappointed have not been confirmed.) A native Houstonian (and an eBayholic), he enjoys camping out with his kids, coaching football/baseball/basketball, attending concerts, and eating atomic fireballs. 

Karen Jordan

Reporter, Los Angeles

A graduate of Wellesley College with a Master's in communication from Stanford, Karen comes to us from the LABJ where she was a web editor and reporter. Karen is also a Nashville native. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and researching the lives of African-American doctors in the South in the 19th century; she's writing a book about her great-grandfather, who was one.

Liz Keevil

Director, Audience Development & Marketing

Sometimes in this mixed up world of commercial real estate, determination and gallons of coffee aren’t enough. Sometimes you need a hero. From out of the cold and fog of Tully, NY, that hero emerged (possibly riding a horse, we can’t remember). Liz Keevil came to us with the ferocity and candor that can only come from a sports-loving, trumpet-playing middle child. This American University alum is such a diehard Syracuse basketball fan that sometimes she comes to work dressed as an orange. Liz “Dr.” Keevil is here to elevate our marketing department to Herculean levels of achievement. (Also she bakes amazing cupcakes, so that’s a plus.) Liz is not only the hero we deserve, she’s the hero we need right now.

Brian Kinslow

Business Manager, Southeast

Brian graduated in 2009 from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where he majored in Food Marketing and minored in talking to every person he crossed paths with.  From there, he went to work in the fascinating and fast-paced world of produce for four years where lettuce and apples quickly became his best friends.  He serviced some of the largest companies in the world, worked on national product launches and spearheaded social media campaigns.  After finding that fruits and vegetables were not the best conversationalists, Brian found that his gift of gab would be a perfect fit at Bisnow.

Scott Klocksin

Reporter, New York

A loud and proud Chicago native, Scott comes to Bisnow from the Commercial Observer, where he started writing as a student at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, concentrating in business and economics reporting (which these days is more sensational than crime reporting). Scott rides a bike without brakes to work—the same bike he once rode from New York City to Chicago. (Sounds broken to us, but what do we know?) He’s got some tattoos, grows kale on his balcony, and exhibits several other stereotype-affirming traits of a young Brooklyn transplant. He’d like you to know that the Cubs’ year is this year, whichever year it is.

Margot Machol

Publisher, The Scene

Margot got a BA in English and a Kellogg MBA from Northwestern and came to DC "for a couple years." But then she met Mark Bisnow when they worked on the Hill, and they got married and raised children. Elliott and Austin are now raised and she considers them “close to perfect.” She uses the word “close” because one of her jobs was being an FTC Commissioner, so she is very sensitive about people thinking she’s making deceptive statements, even though she actually does believe her children are perfect. She’s had many other interesting jobs, but she can tell you from experience that when you tell people that you're chief of staff of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, you have more friends than when you tell people you set up economic think tanks in Eastern Europe. She had been planning on being a lady of leisure about now, but when she realized that meant she would have no excuse not to exercise, she decided to take this job.

Mike Martinez

Business Manager, Northern California

Mike Martinez is our Northern California Guy. He is 40-ish (ahem), half Cuban and half Italian. Being self-taught in sales for the past 25 years, he has been referred to as the “Sonny Corleone” of Sales. (So don’t take the Long Beach Causeway with him.) Mike values his client relationships above all.  Mike has worked as Ad Director and Sales Consultant titles in various media companies in Southern & Northern California: The Business Press Newspaper, The San Diego Business Journal, The San Diego Reader, KZSW TV, Clear Channel Communications and The San Francisco Business Times. Mike has been mentored by Zig Ziglar, Ken Blanchard, Steven Covey, and the late Ray Shaw from the American City Business Journals. He has a 30ish (ahem), wife who is studying to be an attorney and has 3 beautiful boys and a cat named Ralphy.  Mike has been know to be a Mountain Man at times (and yes – sometimes spotted with a shaggy beard) while hiking and riding mountain bikes. He also enjoys bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing, kayaking, abalone diving, skateboarding, car racing....Mike is “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” Mike has a need for speed, so watch out!  Whether it’s climbing at 12,000 feet or going 185 mph, or making that perfect sell, he’s passionate about everything he does. His Motto - “Let’s Crush It!”

Michael Mazzara

Director, Escape

Michael comes from the land of white picket fences and wicker furniture - Connecticut. He came to GW intending to be a doctor but felt too good in a business suit to spend eight years dressed in sea foam green. He soon found a spot at The Yacht Week selling yachts for exotic vacations. Now he's an English/Economics double-major, coordinating events, learning everything there is to know about real estate, recruiting newcomers, and scolding everyone for their human resource errors.

Ben Mazzara

Web Producer

Whether it was in the wooded suburbs of Connecticut or behind the gates of Georgetown, Ben knew he was obsessed with writing. (Connecticut will do that to you, just ask Dominick Dunne, Annie Proulx, or ...Meg Ryan, she's probably written a book.) Jumping around from publication to publication, trying his hand in various styles and subject matters and even mediums, he kept striving to tell better and better stories. He’s written for the entertainment website Celebrity Café, school papers, and even on his own blogs. It was a no-brainer, then, that he would want to come work for us as a web producer. (Because we like to mix the online writing of a blog, the entertainment of the commercial real estate industry, and the chaotic disorganization of a school paper.) Getting the chance to interview the titans of the commercial real estate industry and have his pieces seen by thousands everyday was an opportunity he immediately pounced on. When not writing, Ben works on making videos and enjoys movies, video games, comic books, and the synths and neons of the 1980s. (Now you know what to get him for his birthday.)

Libba McKinsey

Account Manager

Born and raised in the mountains of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, Libba is comfortable translating and interpreting phrases such as "folleruparr" (straight ahead), "YEEOwwissaichi!" (it's itchy), and "yearns is farred" (you're fired). (These are all important when we do company excursions in fire ant strongholds.) As a small child Libba was a bossy little sassafras and, since then, she has worked hard to develop that into leadership skills. In high school Libba was tennis captain, a member of the YMCA leaders club, and outspoken in the classroom. A lover of languages, Libba learned Hmong as a small child under the guidance of her best friend Pachi and later became fluent in Spanish after living in Spain.  (She had to because the Spanish rudely refuse to speak Hmong.) In college Libba was the hiring manager for her university's athletic center with her primary responsibility being to stock the gym with competent, outgoing, and responsible employees, whereas her secondary duty was to help self-conscious, nervous, and socially incompetent freshmen boys become super buff, even more socially incompetent upper classmen.

Philip Michael

Homepage Editor

Philip grew up in Denmark—the land of Legos and poor Yorick—so he has about 70% understanding of American culture, speaks Danish (gibberish), yet had a more interesting childhood than Huckleberry Finn. He lived with NFL Hall of Famer Will Shields in Kansas, who took Phil to a Pro Bowl when he was 16 and introduced him to Raiders coach Jon Gruden. Phil has an MBA in marketing, a master’s in psych and communications and studied journalism in Hawaii. (Never heard of Hawaii? It's where Hawaii Five-O takes place.). When he's not running the super awesome national news team or blabbering about the law of attraction (not the one with Pierce Brosnan), Phil is hunting for properties, calling boxing fights on TV and hosting a sports/business show on Fox Sports. Oh, and he once met Don King, and says he’s just as crazy as you think he is. (Crazier than Jon Gruden?)

Allison Nagel

West Coast Editor

After growing up in one of Atlanta's many suburbs, Allison attended UGA's J-school. While there, she thought she might as well earn a degree in business, too. Her reporting career ranged from endless city council meetings to school board meetings to shareholder meetings -- with a lot of fun stuff in between. Journalism has taken her to report in Germany, to watch robots dance at CES, and to joining Bisnow. A love affair with California that started with a childhood summer vacation was cemented when she met her future husband during a later visit to San Francisco (OK, they "met" online, but then met for the first time while she was at a conference in S.F.). After living in Southern California for a few years, she's now found her way to the Bay Area, and seems to be happy with less sunshine. She lives with the aforementioned husband, a very active kid, a dog and two cats in a house filled with books.

David Neinstein


“Niner” left his surfboard and the Summit Series team in Nicaragua (going bananas looking for bananas), and after building up Bisnow’s super-deluxe event churning machine is tackling the behind-the-scenes mumbo-jumbo (and occasionally the jumbo gumbo), like hiring processes, that allow for our continued growth. His passion for “the journey” (both the path towards something bigger and the 80s arena rock band) makes him a natural match for the adventurous spirit of the Bisnow team. Though we like to tell people we only hired him so his USC J.D./M.B.A. would make us appear more scholarly, Niner does lend a keen eye for opportunity, risk, and innovation. (He only lends it though, we have to give it back at the end of the day.) We couldn’t keep him away from the LA beaches (even with our better Reflecting Pool), so you can catch Niner on either coast (though he admits he’s single-coastal from December-February).

Lucas Netchert

Business Manager, Southern California

From the streets of the city to the coasts of the shore, Lucas grew up in New Jersey. He spends his weeks in the concrete jungle, but is never opposed to answering the call of the wild. When not in the office you’ll find him on any vessel that can keep him afloat, in search of the tannest ankles in the business. After working as a sailing instructor, bartender, and yacht deckhand, he landed a job selling municipal bonds on Wall Street. Leaving behind his constricting suits and this job in financial services (the first job he had to wear shoes to), he comes to us as an event producer. He has a bachelor’s degree from College of the Holy Cross in Philosophy and Environmental Studies (…he still hopes to save the world). He is not a hippie, but don’t let him catch you running the water while you brush your teeth or he’ll start explaining Descartes’s cogito ergo sum.

Karen Pierre

Business Manager, Dallas

Karen is native to Dallas. (She has the 10-gallon hat to prove it.) Her entire career has involved commercial real estate in one capacity or another since she received an MBA from Rollins College and an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University too many years ago to mention. (Shame on you for asking!) She's an active member of CREW Dallas (Commercial Real Estate Women). Karen’s passion (besides selling, of course) is traveling to exotic hiking destinations. Over the last decade, she's hiked to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest in Tibet, the Himalaya in Nepal and Bhutan, mountains in Oman in the Middle East, among the unique Moai statues on Easter Island, and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. (Conversely, we haven't been upstairs in our house in three days because there are too many steps.) Her reputation as a crazy cat lady is all true with four rescues in addition to the husband under her roof.

Mike Ponticelli

VP, Sales

A graduate of GW (assuming its officials still haven't uncovered the mistake), Mike has worked at many trades: Event planner, bartender, accountant, delivery boy for the Washington Post, and a US-Russian affairs analyst. He even built and managed a local laundry service that’s still around (as much of his personal laundry also appears to be). Mike follows current events, dining and beverage trends, and all other aspects of modern urban life related to food. He loves everything about Washington, although we have not yet had the heart to tell him it is not on a beach.

Lauren Popp

Advertising Campaign Specialist

Lauren Popp grew up in the vast desert of Georgia before settling into the jagged valleys of active volcanoes of Tennessee. (We’re pretty bad at topography so that might be slightly inaccurate.) At Bisnow, Lauren keeps the ship running for editorial and advertising, all while raising three kids and a chocolate labrador. (When asked who is more demanding, us or the children, she answered, “No comment.”)  We’re glad she puts up with us because she takes care of our ads from the beaches of Philadelphia, all the way to the frozen tundra of Houston.

Curtis Raye

General Editor

Following fine schooling at GW, Curtis found himself in the thick of the 2008 presidential campaign. Campaign finance rules forbid naming one's candidate within 100 characters of a biography. So he won't name names. But he wants it on the record that she was a good boss. While city life is grand, he hails from a rural area of northern New Jersey nestled near the green and beautiful Shawangunk Ridge. He also has a tendency to over-pastoralize his hometown. Prior performances include as an FCC intern and Ko-Ko in Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado." For photos and tales from his travels, visit Sure, the name is a bit egotistical, but it helps his grandmother remember it. 

Ethan Rothstein

East Coast Editor, Washington DC

Hailing from the suburbs of New York, Ethan realized he wanted to be a journalist when he was in high school. He spent so much of his time reading about, watching, and discussing sports that it seemed like a good idea to learn how to write about it. (Just read Peter King... and do the opposite.) He went to the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill School of Journalism, and his four years in College Park got him on press row and in print. It even got him (briefly) stonewalled by UMD's athletic department (swim coaches can be so sensitive). He's spent the years since college going from the beaches and farms of southern Delaware to Northern Virginia, where he's written about everything from chicken manure to public urination. (They're not glamorous beats, but someone has to cover them.) He plays, writes about and watches sports nearly constantly in his free time, mostly basketball and ultimate frisbee.

Tom Russo

Copy Editor

Tom was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, the son of a police officer and a teacher. (You will learn when tutored by an educator and a man with a gun!) He left home to attend college in upstate NY, where he learned that both Lake Ontario and mustaches can freeze if it gets cold enough. Upon realizing he would never be a standup comic (lots of stage fright and very little talent), he set out to become the next Edward R. Murrow. Stints at radio stations and newspapers in VA, MD and DE led to the realization that was a joke, so Tom caved to his lifelong love of reading. In his spare time, he enjoys tsundoku, randomly throwing impressive words into sentences, finding new comics on YouTube, pondering the great questions of the universe (is copy editor one word or two?), and seeking a good lawyer to sue Larry the Cable Guy for stealing the term "witless protection" in 2008 without even offering tickets to the movie, let alone royalties.

Jarred Schenke

Reporter, Atlanta & Miami

Bisnow went back to find our Atlanta reporter. Waaay back. As in the 1980’s back. As far as we can tell, Jarred has not left the decade of pastel colored sport coats and crazy, wavy hair, and will regularly challenge all to 80s music trivia fights (we try not to provoke him). Outside of having the largest collection of cassette and VHS tapes in Atlanta, Jarred has been steeped in Atlanta media for more than a decade, most of the time focused on commercial real estate. You can also find Jarred spittin’ out lyrics with our Data Center and Denver newsletters.

Kirby Shulman

Staff Accountant

If you're in the office on Saturday you may hear Kirby (real name) Shulman shout "Goooo Dawgs, sic em!" seemingly at random. (Just know that she is not calling you a dog or ordering you to attack anyone, we think.) It's just her fanatic, obsessive, and downright dangerous loyalty to the University of Georgia football team. Despite her devotion to the Georgia Bulldogs, Kirby hails from Houston, Texas. After moving to Washington, DC and experiencing her first real winter, she vowed never to move north of the Mason-Dixon Line. (Sorry, Rhode Island, you lose again.) She developed her skills working for a Senator and crunching the numbers for a successful non-profit organization. Her contribution to the accounting office was monumentally signified by the tears that were shed when she took a job with Bisnow. (Don't get used to it, we dont cry at Bisnow. Ever. Not even once... especially not that one time we watched Wall-E... or that time we got stood up at a Bennigan's... and certainly not that other time when we couldn't find our sandwich in the fridge.) Her passion is telling people that they cannot spend money that they don’t have, and she has made it her life mission to find good BBQ and Mexican food in DC – it hasn’t happened. (Sounds like a challenge to us.)

Ron Sklar

Custom Content Writer

There are not many people in this world who have, at any point in their lives, been paid with underwear. Ron Sklar is one of those lucky few. This Philly native (just listen for the accent) has worked as an in-house copywriter for Nutri/System, Cardinal Business Media and Advanta financial services. He also has worked semi-tirelessly as a free-lance writer, creating content for such sites as 2(x) (better known as the company that pays in underwear),, and He contributed regular feature stories to such print and on-line publications as Peninsula magazine,, and Where did we find Ron? Well, we found him peddling wares, of sorts… he was a commercial modeling agent. He saw how gorgeous we all were and was drawn in. Then when he got close enough we scooped him up to write custom content for us. (Think of us like Greek Sirens in that way.) If you ever run into Ron and his young daughter in Brooklyn, ask her the lyrics to any Abba song, she knows them (even “Nina, Pretty Ballerina”).

Roksana Slavinsky

Legal Reporter

Born in Russia, Roksana grew up with a steady diet of borscht and Soviet-era cartoons. She writes about the DC legal arena for Bisnow (a topic far different from her writing debut at age 4: a story in Russian about a dog that befriends a cat). After graduating from the University of Maryland, Roksana quickly immersed herself in the legal industry in nearby Washington, DC. The saying goes that one in two people in the District is a lawyer, and she interacts with at least half of them on a daily basis (or so it feels). When she's not dropping by law firms, courthouses, conferences and receptions downtown, Roksana enjoys hiking, reading and live music performances.

Cooper Smith

Office Manager

Hailing from the laid-back state of Colorado, Cooper paid for all four years at Florida's Eckerd College by himself by balancing classes, RA responsibilities,the sailing team and even jobs at a hotel and a restaurant. Even then, he still found time to explore the world, spending his summers in cities all over the world, including San Fran, LA, NY, and Cancun. Way to make us feel inferior, Cooper. When he's not managing Bisnow's fast-paced NY office, Cooper attends "burns" and other spontaneous communities (a la Burning Man). He insists that there hasn't been any Lord of the Flies antics, but we think he's just covering up for something.

Lana Spivak

Director of Operations, Escape

Originally born in Russia, Lana had to give up her childhood aspirations of a career in espionage (Anna Chapman eat your heart out) after her family immigrated to Chicago. It seems, however, that the harsh winter climates were nothing compared to the Siberian tundras where she grew up (which is a nice way of saying we’re all wimps). Seeking some true cold, she shipped off to study at the University of Michigan, where warm weather comes around as often as Santa Claus. Her studies — and penchant for snow — carried her further east, where she completed her master's degree at NYU. Aside from gymnastics and other stereotypical Eastern European sports (like ice fishing and writing 8,000 page novels), Lana spends plenty of quality time on her computer checking emails in the heated indoors, which makes her around-the-clock compulsiveness a great fit for the team. We hope she doesn't melt if we ever send her south of Delaware.

Ryan Starr

Reporter, Toronto

Ryan has the dubious distinction of having the same name as a sultry, raven-haired female also-ran from American Idol's inaugural season. So for a while he received awkward, misdirected e-mails from lovesick lads hoping to hook up with her. He eventually got past this (aided by the fact that female Ryan Starr's star burned out quickly) and set about making a name for himself, travelling the globe for several years before returning to Canada and moving west to British Columbia to launch his journalism career. Since coming home to Toronto in 2009, Ryan has worked as a digital editor for Daily Commercial News and a real estate correspondent for the Toronto Star, among other publications.

Kevin Steinberger

Events Producer

Kevin is another tall red head (where do they come from?) who believes that talent is cheap and hard work is the key to success. From being the pre-party Super Bowl DJ at MetLife Stadium to working for the US Army, Kevin prides himself on being a jack-of-all-trades. (But can he start a competent box stitch?) He has no off switch, and shows it through a full day of constant energy. Don’t be alarmed by his random dance moves, its just his way of making you laugh. (Please don't call the police, he's fine.) Kevin is one of Bisnow’s newest event producers, and has a serious goal of producing their first-ever event on the Moon.

Chuck Sudo

Reporter, Chicago

Half second generation Greek-American, half Virginia hill people but 100% Chicagoan, Chuck comes to Bisnow after nearly a decade at, where he was editor-in-chief for 4 ½ years. He's written for various local pubs including the Chicago Sun-Times and Time Out Chicago. Before that he studied nuclear engineering (not very well, mind you) and indulged a pirate fantasy in the Navy. (The Navy has shockingly strict policies against eye-patches and peg legs.) Chuck loves to bike (even on Chicago’s potholed streets), has impeccable taste in beer and bourbon, loves to explore the city’s seedy underbelly and recount his adventures in story (he's like Batman without the cape or the pull ups), still says "Sears Tower" and "Marshall Field's," roots for the White Sox—he lives near Sox Park—and has been known to rescue a pit bull or two. They’re the sweetest dogs ever.

Max Tawil

Events Producer

Growing up in bubble of Little Syria (See: Brooklyn), Max was always surrounded by a mixture of great mediterranean food, Arabic slang, and smooth businessmen (didn’t rub off). He took a huge leap by attending Columbia University (all of 15 miles away) and entered the real world, where he majored in American History, was the least-fratty fraternity president, and still maintains that had he been the punt returner on Columbia’s infamously awful football team, they would not have suffered a 2.5-year losing streak. He’s fluent in Hebrew, and thinks he’s fluent in Portuguese from his 6 weeks in Brasil. Prior to joining Bisnow, he traveled the Middle East & South East Asia (and survived). Ultimately, he had to return the U.S. to watch his Jets finally win a Super Bowl (it’ll happen).

Chris Wainwright

Director of Business Development, Escape

Who is this dude? Man, myth, or unstoppable robot-ninja? We think the latter. Standing at 77 inches short, Chris played basketball his whole life with little regard for his knee.  After tearing his ACL three times he was forced away from the game and into the loving arms of Bisnow.  Chicken finger connoisseur, workout fiend, mustache enthusiast, and dog lover, Chris takes a balanced life to a whole new level, reaching for the stars while keeping his feet steady on the ground (yeah, he's that tall). Unfortunately Chris can only type 200 words per minute while the world record is 216 words as set by Stella Pajunas in 1946- but other than that great flaw, Chris does it all.

Lacee Wilke

Business Manager, Houston

Lacee got her start in medical device sales, travelling across the Lone Star State in her office (aka her car) selling cardiac devices, defibrillators, pace makers and more. While she loved the competitive and technical aspects of the medical field and the challenge of working of physicians, Lacee wanted a new environment and an industry she can see herself growing for years to come. Enter Bisnow. Now in the Big Apple, Lacee's loving the intense workflow, high ambition and fast pace. Outside the office, however, Lacee's a health nut, making healthy recipes--or "unholy abominations," depending on your point of view--that use protein powders, health bars and replacement materials (like portobello mushrooms for hamburger buns). So whether your looking for a sale (or a way to actually stick to your diet), Lacee's the one to call.

Tom Woodcock

Escape Curator and Event Producer

Tom hails from rainy, windswept England, which he left for the promise of adventure and sunshine on America's west coast. After traveling and working with NGOs all over the world, fighting wildfires and playing guitar for anyone who'd listen, he settled in NYC mid 2013. He was never able to outrun his outrageous last name.

Jennifer Zuckerman

Account Manager & Event Producer

Jennifer grew up in Amish Country aka Lancaster, PA. After choosing electricity, she attended the University of Delaware for a fun four years, leaving with a degree in leadership and business. After college, she ended up in the Big Apple where you can often find her eating Mexican food and washing it down with some Froyo. She loves Jimmy Buffet, his tropical vibes and traveling. While channeling this passion for travel, she has been able to see many parts of the world, but her ultimate dream is to lie in field of puppies with some chips and guacamole on the side (she knows it costs extra). While still aways out, she got one step closer by recently adopting a new puppy named Daisy- the cutest little Cavachon to hit the big city. Before Bisnow she was romping around the media world at Hearst Magazines. Jennifer is excited to bring her industry knowledge and bubbly, positive attitude to Bisnow.